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The second DVD-ROM in the retouching series. Intermediate and advanced techniques on how to retouch beauty & hair images.

Completely new, updated and greatly expanded (11.5hours), Beauty & Hair Retouching High End Techniques – Series Two is hosted by the world renowned retouching artist, Natalia Taffarel. She is famous for her natural and completely seamless retouching style that is all about beauty and details. She leaves nothing a secret and holds nothing back as she explains in great detail her entire workflow and techniques, all the things she is famous for, her beauty and hair work. Natalia has a huge following and her DVD has been greatly anticipated by the retouching community for years and now, the wait is finally over!

The video is a screen recording with audio narration that makes you feel as if you have a private one on one instructor who sat you in front of their computer while they show you their techniques and explain every single step. You have full control of the playback and can easily pause, go back or skip forward to match your own pace.

All of the image files Natalia uses in the video are included for you to follow along and practice on for yourself. This includes the RAW and complete layered PSD files.

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